Good base garden

So we went to the house to take one more look at what we bought.

We had put an offer in on this house in February and we were outbid, but apparently that deal fell through. I hear its very common. This is the fourth house I personally have witness falling through in as many months.

Anyway I took a look at the grounds and I was pleasantly surprised that we have hostas, mature peonies, vintage roses, bleeding heart, and a few evergreen shrubs. I love to garden, and I have kind of a portable garden right now that is waiting to find it’s home. I saved my favorite rose from my last house and it survived the winter and is flourishing right now. I am jazzed. I will be starting seedlings today, and before long they will be in the ground in our yard.

My healthy Rainbow Sorbet rose

My tentative plan is that the entire front yard will be a garden of flowers and shrub and blossoming trees. Plus a turn around/patio because we are on a busy street. For my vegetable garden we have a fence off area behind the garage that will be perfect and it will keep the dogs out.

The house itself has way more work than I remembered, but I think that is always the the case when something actually is yours. I’ll touch base on that later. For now I am blissfully dreaming of playing in the dirt.



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