Dining Room – before

This is the dining room. As you can see the floors need a total overhaul.  But the leaded cabinets are in great shape.  These windows look out onto the back yard.

We have chandelier that we bought at a estate auction while we were living in the Dallas area.  It’s circa 1930’s and it has been in every home we owned since then, so as soon as it is in, the house will feel more like it’s ours.

Even if I wanted I new chandelier I don’t think I could bare to change something that has been a constant in our lives.

At least not yet.

I actually like the chandelier that is in the photo. I may be able to paint it and re-purpose it.  That would be a huge win.


4 thoughts on “Dining Room – before

  1. Having just come through a reno like yours, I look forward to following along. Two tips from our end. Refinish those glorious floors (it’s amazing what a good refinisher can do) rather than starting new, and don’t forget the behind the scenes stuff like draft proofing and wiring. Good luck.

  2. Thank you so much for the comment. We plan to get quotes for refinishing once we get the keys. We may, however, have to do it ourselves due to our budget and all. I noticed on your blog you are working on your garden. I cant wait to see it come to life.
    I have to revisit your blog, because first time there I didn’t have any time to read.
    Take care, I hope to stay in touch..

    • Thank for the comment and the tip. I think I have heard of him before, I will be sure to give h.m a shot at the job if we don’t end up doing it ourselves.
      It going to be a long haul, but it will be pretty special in the end.

      Take care.

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