Bathroom – before

We have still not closed on our house but, the listing has moved to pending which means it’s 100% accepted and in process.

When I left my last house I thought the only room I was going to miss was the third floor bathroom.  (shown below) I am sure I blogged about it somewhere.  I was in loved with the claw foot tub.  Actually these tubs are hard to find still in homes, as many people ripped them out to install a more modern tub shower combination.

our old house's 3rd floor bathroom

Fast forward to the bathroom in our new house, and I still get a vintage tube, only it’s on a pedestal.  More of an Art Deco look.  I will adjust.  The floor is small white (really filthy white) octagon tiles.  Original to the date of the house.  A few are missing I am hoping to be able to replace them and keep the original floor

Here’s another view of the before bathroom below : showing the tiles, the pedestal, and the part of an rather ugly sink.

There is paint on the glass part of the window, actually paint is everywhere which I hope to be removing and replacing with something more appealing.  Remember we are doing all this work on a shoe-string budget.  So I may be limited in my choices.  We want to fix everything, make it appealing to live in, and then eventually either sell or keep as a rental.

At least that’s the plan at the moment.  I really like the house, and yard, and may not want to leave once we are finished.  Only time will tell.


One thought on “Bathroom – before

  1. I LOVE the old tubs… they can be modern or traditional. Based on the “old house” picture, you’re going to make your new place amazing. Nice blog… looking forward to future posts. Congrats!

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