Veggie Garden – before

This are is fenced off area behind the garage.  It is separate from the rest of the back yard, the dog yard, so it make perfect sense to make is a vegetable garden.

It measures 14 x 18 feet.  Bigger than I imagined.  I may start with a smaller initial planting areas until I get more experience.  Last thing I want is an unruly garden with poor design…..I am saving that for the front yard, not the mini farmers market.  I am pondering doing three 8 foot by 4 foot raised beds.  That will get me started without having to plow the entire space.  I imagine I will learn a lot this first year, so I consider this a phase 1 renovation, not a final destination.

Here is the space:  Thinking of some sort of screen to block the view of my neighbors lawn furniture.  Any Suggestion are welcomed.  I have seen a lot of reclaimed wood projects and may do that for now.  It might actually hold up design-wise since this is an old school veggie garden. And we will be repainting the back of the garage.  We may also decide to add a door that would lean in to a garden work place.

behind the garage fenced veggie garden

I started some of my crops by seed.  I have radishes, tomatoes, two types of lettuce , spinach, basil, cilantro, oregano, and swiss chard.  I am following an article I saw in a magazine.  These are early crops.

Here the article I am trying to somewhat follow:


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