I am hot…..on gardening

I suppose it is only natural to want to do the fun stuff first.  I mean when I garden it’s like a zen experience.  I just lose track of time, and my mind is clearly focused on each clump of soil, and every tender plant.  Believe it or not my seedlings are starting to sprout already….like in two days.  I am so excited to see these little babies wake up.

The other day I went to a community garden in Bay Village to look at the various set-ups that people used for the plots.

Here are the photos that each taught me something:

I decided I like the plots best where the wood had weathered to a soft grey.  I have sent the community garden organizers an email asking what type of wood that is and where to buy it.

This one I like because of the mulch around the outside of the frame.  I think it makes it look neat and it controls any weeds that may want to visit your produce.

Many people do a thing called gardening by the foot.   I am not planning on doing this , but I will give it more research.  In the photo below you can see that the gardener, sunk the strings, by making a 1/4 inch slice into the side of the frame.  Perhaps this protect it for getting snagged or chewed.

They connected the string to eye hole screw….If that is what those screws are called. (?)

I am definitely going to have at least one plot like this.  I am not sure at this point which pants need the deeper root system, but I ‘ll find out.  I am thinking blueberries…okay I am dreaming about blueberries in that deeper spot.  At worse case I can use it to mature larger shrubs and roses to eventually transplant into my front yard which is destine to be come a gardener’s delight……at least from my point of view.

So that is what I learned while waiting on my keys.   I was surprised to see all the various systems used to make the raised beds.  I hope this is helpful to someone out there.

I can’t wait to grow some of my our food.  It’s amazing how many of us remember eating vegetables that came out of a can, and all that time we had enough space to grow our very own fresh vegetables, for free!

Cheers! Make it a good day.


3 thoughts on “I am hot…..on gardening

  1. I love the look of raised garden beds. So pretty and neat. I’m sure you’re just aching to get “down in the dirt” in your new place. I love researching something before I try it. I always feel more confident going in. High-Five for growing your own food!

  2. It’s seventy and sunny today, you know it’s just it’s killing me. :) I want to run other there and start trimming all the over growth, like right now.
    Before I know I will be in the thick of things on the inside…I love your site it gives my hope, and great ideas. You two are doing an awesome job!

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