more garden planning

Okay the weather just took an about face and my little seedlings had to make their way into the house. It is only 42 degrees and it’s very windy so it feels like a winter day.  Add to that the gloomy shade of grey that the heavens are sporting and all of a sudden I am thinking , “Why did I buy a house here?!”

But-really it’s beautiful here. We are only a stones throw for the 11th largest fresh water lake on the planet, Lake Erie.  I read somewhere “they” were just awarded a federal grant to make the lake even fresher. That’s a good thing.  The leaves are starting bud out on gigantic oak trees as old as 200 years that tower over many of the neighborhoods. We have seasons so we really have learned to appreciate the nice days.

Here’s the space I am working on now:

I am itching to garden and garden now… here is my latest plan for behind the garage. note: Will need to make a screen to hide view of neighbor’s “stuff.”

Below is a blurry photo of the palettes I picked up for free.  I found them on Craig’s list.  I got two for my vegetable garden and one I am going to make a new low dolly for my really heavy potted plants. ( sorry for the blur, it’s just too cold to retake atm.)

Anyway two of these palettes together will make the bed towards the top of my sketched plan (above) and for the bottom bed I am going with the half double decker raised bed pictured at the bottom the  post from the other day.

With any luck, this is what I hope the top palette beds will ends up looking like.  It will be twice as wide. Ten growing rows total.

This season the garden will be a testing ground, and I imagine the next year it will be larger and even more productive.  So that’s where I am…..still dreaming and moving forward.  I cant wait to get some sun, and those day-after sore muscles from working the soil.



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      • I’m so glad you told me about that icon. My contract is up and I hope to snag one of those cool iphones for my next toy.

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