Demo in the basement – small room, dog room

The basement is scary.  I have seen worse, but this is pretty raw I’d say.

The goal here is to take everything out, and basically paint it white, and design a dog room, and a workout area, and a gaming area/movie watching area. I have developed a bad habit of not taking before photos.  I did it again today.

Here is the demo, the maybe dog room.

I needed a saw for these shelves. So I’ll have to tackle this later – maybe tomorrow.

I thought the wood behind the cabinets was kind of pretty.  Only one wall is like this so we’ll see.


5 thoughts on “Demo in the basement – small room, dog room

  1. I was so excited to see your recent posts and know that you’re kickin’ “you know what” already! I bet your adrenaline is pumping at this point. You’ve already done so much. That water line repair was quite impressive… blow torch and all. YOU GO GIRL! The front beds already look better. And one more thing…. A little “welcome to your house poop” is a sign of good things to come. HA HA! It can only get better from here. Congrats!

    • Hi Shirley,
      Just checking in to say “hello and I hope you’re having fun”! I’m sure you’ve got your hands full with the new place but I’ve missed your presence. Hope things are going well! =-)

  2. I do that too—forget to take photos. The day we moved in to our house, my husband ripped into about 12 different things, and I have no original “before” of about half the rooms. I was too busy being overwhelmed to think about finding the camera.

    The toilet? HORRIFYING. Speechless rage would have summed up my reaction.

  3. Don’t forget the before and after photos! That’s the best part!! And try to predict where the “after” photo will be taken so you can get two shots from the same direction.

    • I know. I will make a better effort. It’s just that the iPhone is usually playing music and I forget and start working. I will get better. :) Thanks for the advice about angles.

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