Have the keys

I have the keys, but they still have not transferred the title.  I could do their jobs with my eyes closed.  I think the real estate industry as we know is going to a painful death, once it gets completely automated. It’s already starting for the foreclosure homes, because the volume is so high, transactions are being done on line.

But enough of that, now that I have the keys I am looking at time management. As my first project.  With all my excitement, I forgot about how much time everything takes.

To get you up to speed, not only do the floors have to be refinished before move in but I have to unload a 10 x 20 storage unit, and a another garage full of our belonging from the last house.  Most my old stuff is way too big for the new house.  Plus finding exactly what you need, or want to keep, might take a half hour or more.  Oh man, I wasn’t thinking about this part.

Take a breath.

Tomorrow I meet the water department at the house because this house was winterized.  The grossest thing is someone pooped in a none working toilet.  It’s so gross , that sentence was hard for me to type.

I will be heading over with cleaning supplies, and tools, so I can remove staples from the wood floor while I wait for water.  But then it will be my tasks to clean that toilet. Renovation is so glamorous.

Update to today: The title transferred, now I can put some flowers on the front porch….lol.  But in reality, I am learning about fixing a water line.  The water man showed up bright and early…..and turned on the water only to find we have a leak.  They say this is common when a house is winterized, because the people doing the weatherization don’t really get all the water out.  Then it freezes and bursts the pipes anyway.  Which is exactly what they are trying to avoid.

So I have already been to Lowes, second day in a row…the will reconize me by the end of the week for sure.  And this is what I bought.

This is called the “fat boy” blow torch.  I really wanted a thinner canister, but this came with the instant on switch.  I didn’t want to mess with lighting the flame with a match. In any case this was my first time using a blow torch and  I did pretty good.  I soldered three of the four junctions without a problem, the forth one my husband fixed for me.

The Water Department guy taught me how to read the meter, and told me how to recognized any leaks in the line. There is a small football shaped thing on the dial, if  it is spinning at all, there is water running or a leak somewhere in the lines.   After the weld.  No movement.  Success.

Except the fact that the some of the pipes are not longer connect to anything…..like to the sink in the upstairs bathroom or the outside spigot in the back yard.

Here s the finished product, messy soldering, but it worked – horrible photo – my apologies.  Cheers!

Oh! One thing I forgot to mention in my haste to get all this progress up on my site: when buying tools, buy big!!!  Here is the first blow torch “kit” I bought: This little boy could not reach the needed temperature for the job.  My husband found some good news inside the directions,  it said it was perfect for making crème brûlée.  So I’ll will be looking forward to that tasty treat, some day in the distant future.  Cheers!


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