I am still doing this

Well for those who I have met through this concept of renovations, I have one thing to ask/say; How do you possibly do all the work and still have time to blog about it.  Wow… I am so impress with you all!

So here’s my current deal: I am working on the  kitchen while we also prepare the floors for refinishing.  We are basically camping at the house due to the fact that we are not moving in until the floors are completed.  That means an air mattress, and a hot plate and limited clothing and all the other useful things you have in your own home….like drawers and hangers, and something other than lawn chairs to cozy up on after a huge day of work.

To make a long story short about the kitchen: this is our semi redo, with major work to be done later down the road.  We plan to move all the appliances and the outside door at some point in time.  But for now I am changing it enough to satisfy our need to make it our own.

I stripped the floors down to the wood.  Maple covered with a black tar-like substance that I think has asbestos in it.  Anyway I will be covering that this time around, and next time they will be restored to the maple. I had to remove two layer of floor coverings, some people have found much worse.  One woman I know found tile and linoleum, three layers of it on top of carpet…..that is just too gross for me to think about.

For now we are going to tile with Armstrong peel and stick black and white vinyl tiles.  Apartment Therapy followers will recognize the strip pattern, I think this will work well in the space and I also think it’s cute and fresh.  One thing you all should know – you can only get this tile from Menards on-line.  I used to be able to go to Home Depot or Lowe’s and get it any day of the week.

click to enlarge

We are replacing the tiny counter with a wood, and keeping the original cupboards be leaving the top doors off. Our appliances are black, and rather large.  Everything will just fit, but I have to solve the problem of no work area, prep area.  We are thinking of making/buying a piece that would extend out from the wall between the outside door and the doorway to the small room off the kitchen where the frig will be.  I will let you see what we come up with once we are finished.

I have been working for the last year and a half to become somewhat of a minimalist.  The open cabinets will help to keep me in check, because I cant hide clutter this way, everything will be in the open. We will have a pantry, (the old coat closet) and I plan to have that super organized.  I can dream, can’t I?

click to enlarge

Forgot to mention, the back splash was a crooked nightmare without any grout. This is a small area and I am planning on subway tiles.  Simple and somewhat predicable, but I like the era of the tiles and I believe they will be perfect for  this 1923  house.

There’s one wall I don’t have a photo of (atm) and it has a two double hung windows next to each other.  The wood work will remain white, and currently I am thinking of a red-orange accent wall to make the window pop.  This may change at any moment – as with a black and white kitchen your options are endless. My inspiration, a lily, had wilted in the process of matching….but it’s close.

I have a few photo additions to my garden as well check it out if you like….. Cheers!


7 thoughts on “I am still doing this

  1. Well hello, stranger!! So happy to get this post. I know you’re so busy and honestly it’s almost impossible to do this when you have so much to do on a house that needs everything. I basically waited 2 years before I started blogging about ours. I couldn’t do it all… so I’d say YOU ROCK! But I’m happy to see what you’ve been up to! I can relate to your little set up. When we “HAD” to move into our house it was a mattress on the floor 3 lights in the entire house, no hot water, and each of us had a couple boxes of clothes. Everything sat in storage for 6 months. It’s pretty tough but I’m sure you’re making the best of it! (It’ll make for some good stories later). I think the black and white tiles will be a wonderful solution, even if it’s temporary… and it will look so pretty.
    I love the idea of open shelving and a beautiful accent wall (love that color!). Sounds like you’re on your way.
    The yard looks amazing too. Looks like you may be planning a little curved bed along the driveway? It looks so neat and tidy in the front. Just wonderful! Okay, I’ve written a book here — but I’m really happy to hear from you. All the best!

    • Hey Stacy, I have been reading but not writing. Too wiped out at the end of most days.
      I enjoyed your post about Russell Wright and the very next day they had some pieces at the local Goodwill. I wouldn’t have known anything if I hadn’t read your post. I picked up one bowl and a salt and pepper shaker. So thanks for the education. :)

      Nice to know that what we are going through is absolutely normal. I am at the point that I am not sure I will now how to react to ” normal” furnishings. One thing we are missing is a decent mirror- lol- I have stop looking for one , and that is strange. ( you have to check your teeth ) I use the apple logo on the back of my phone or the car mirror.

      Thanks for your comment. If I don’t post it means I am wiped out. Take care.

      • Oh, and I am planning a curve garden, but that is only the first step. I hope to have the entire front yard filled with shrubs and perennials and a discrete walking path. The back yard is a lawn. One lawn is enough for me to cut, plus we are on a busy street and the front is kind of useless as a lawn.

      • HA HA! iPhones are good for all kind of things, aren’t they! I kind of liked it when I didn’t look in the mirror. Honestly those times when we were so busy… I didn’t care what I wore, what I looked like, how much paint was in my hair, whether I even brushed my teeth. There’s a certain amount of freedom there…. not worrying about those things. But I also loved getting back to “normal”… it really makes you appreciate all that you have and all that you’ve done. It’s very rewarding!
        Ooooo, Russel Wright score! Very nice. I’m happy to hear that! It’s a fun little hobby for us.
        Oh, I totally knew why you hadn’t posted and I was excited for you. And besides…. when you do… you’ll have lots to share. I look forward to your next one (whenever you have time!) HAVE FUN!

      • We have a fireplace that is totlaly surrounded by a rock wall, floor to ceiling and patio door to bedroom wall. It\’s great as the entire wall heats up after a few hours of using the fireplace and act as a heat radiator for the living room. The rock is native Texas limestone, same as the exterior of the house.References : Texan.

  2. Whoa, was one of the uncovered layers supposed to be white with chunks of square colors?? Is that what I’m looking at? I like it because it reminds of confetti cake and the Staten Island Ferry Terminal and that diner near Penn Station.

    I remember when our old kitchen had the doors off the cabinets for so long it was normal then one day they were back on and it was strange.

  3. That confetti floor is what was in GMoms house when I was growing up. It was in terrible condition at the Bunts house- we couldn’t save it, even though we thought about it.

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