Finished floor Comparison- Dining room

The picture says it all.  The floors turned out fantastic.  Now we must finished the baseboards and walls. We will be living in the house in 5 more day – still without a kitchen.  I will protect these floor like a maniac.  I am going to buy The cardboard roll stuff, called Ram Board, show below, while we paint and work on various other things.

I am super pleased with the color and finish.  Here’s a close up look at the living room.



11 thoughts on “Finished floor Comparison- Dining room

  1. Yay is right! Holy moly.. this came out amazing. It looks like you put down a brand new floor. Great job on restoring! I’m only guessing… but did you stain it too? It looks like a slightly different color.
    Now hurry and put down that cardboard before you walk across it with a rock in your shoe!!! (can you tell I speak from experience! – ugh) I only wish I had the smarts you obviously have. GOOD THINKING! Love those before and afters… really impressive, Shirley.

    • Yes we did stain them. The color looks closer in real life to the original a tad bit less red. It’s tough trying to match 90 year old shellac. My husband, Ray, is doing the wood work the original way with shellac. Believe it or not, shellac is difficult to find in the color we need. We may have to resort to flakes.
      In any case, we are happy with the refinish and will move on to the trim and walls and kitchen.
      After the kitchen, we are going to try and balance our lives – cut back on the 100% fix-it mode. Lol … I’ll see if I can actually do that. :)

      • Yes, that’s what it is… it just looks a little less red. Trying to match anything old is hard…. but you guys did so good with it!
        Good luck with the balancing thing and slowing down a bit… I found it to be super hard, but you seem like a pretty laid back, easy going person, so I bet you’ll succeed at it. I’m a wound-up obsessive, petal to the metal crazy person who can’t stop. It drives my husband insane!
        Anyway, It’s gorgeous and I’m really happy for you. So much accomplished on your beautiful home. (smiling)

        • Funny you should say that, about being laid back….that is my destination, and I am not quite there. Just off the phone with my husband and he had to remind me that it is Sunday Simply.

          In other words I appear way more relaxed than I am…even though my huge goal is to live more simply and with less stress. :)

          • I’d say you’re doing really with it!!! You’ve got me fooled if you aren’t. HA HA! Need to take notes from you. Love the Sunday SImply! See… more notes. Enjoy your Sunday… and Happy Fathers day to your husband!

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  2. I know, I have to put the good camera in the car. When I took many of these photos we didn’t even own the house. But you are right they are blurry and are awful.

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