the ugly truth

Okay here goes: we have not had a working kitchen for quite some time.  We used to have a kitchen sink so we were able to kind of make due, but the sink has been gone now for what feels like forever.

This issue is compounded because one weeks ago a plumber came out and said he could NOT fix the sink in the upstairs bathroom.  He said maybe (maybe!! -wtf?)…. maybe he could fix it if he broke through the ceiling in the dining room, and he even added, “I may have to take out some of the wall.”

This was too much for me.  Plumber-man was scheduled to come out the next day to do the nasty; to destroy the one part of the house that isn’t broken, but I got cold feet.  I called him off.  I have not heard from him since.  Therefore, the sink upstairs doesn’t work either.

So where’s the ugly?……right below.  As it really is with a bucket of dirty dishes to the left waiting to be cleaned by the maid.  (we don’t have a maid)

that’s my dog Batman sleeping under the stairs

Let me clarify: it’s an awesome sink, but we have not cleaned it up just yet.  The entire basement has remained in “AS-IS” condition since the day we moved in.  Which is funny because I wanted it fixed-up first, so we could find places for things and only have to move them once.  Oh well.

Now that’s pretty messy, but wait, wait, there’s more.  To the side opposite of where Batman is napping, is our temporary kitchen.  Including a banana peel and cantaloupe skin awaiting the compost pile.  I have absolutely no system for compost.  This will have to be solved rather soon.

I didn’t clean or move a thing for this photo.  You can see I also brushed my teeth in this sink. Plus we have a spray bottle of ammonia and water, next to a squeeze bottle of agave, cardboard recycling, and cooked rice from last night’s dinner.  Yummy.

So maybe you have been here-done this, or maybe you are like me and you are plugging along and getting by.  Tell me about it.  Share pics if you want….I can’t be the only one.

My Advice:   Don’t pretend it’s okay, because then your motivation slips, at least it did for me.  I say tolerate but do not “like” and keep on moving forward.

****News Flash: Low and behold I may see a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel.  I have been informed, it is quite possible, likely probable, that we will install a sink tonight.  Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so very excited.  Cheers!


4 thoughts on “the ugly truth

  1. Oh Shirley… this just seems normal to me! HA HA! The great thing is that change is certain!! Thank goodness for that! I have totally been in that situation and you just “get through it”, don’t you. I wish I had taken more pictures when we moved into our hell hole but I was just too tired and too overwhelmed to even think about it. It sounds like change is coming quick with a sink being installed. YAY indeed! Congrats and I hope it all goes well. (I hate plumbing)
    What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger… and once it’s finished it makes you appreciate everything ten times more.
    I remember thinking that I was living in a palace when we got lights and hot water. I was like “oh my goodness… I feel so clean… I am royalty!”

    P.S. Tell the maid she missed a few spots! I’d take that out of her check. (giggle)

  2. I pretty much broke out in sympathy-hives, reading this. It seems utterly normal to me. But the worst kind of normal. The kind that turns me into a crazy person.

    I am dreading when we start our kitchen renovation. I literally think I would rather live forever, with the current state of half-ripped-apart…rather than go however many months without a sink/stove/countertop. I am DREADING it. Much the way I dreaded our bath renovation. Extended mess, decisions, frustration…yay home renovation!!

    • I don’t exactly how much it costs, but I can’t say it’s cheap. Going over bgdeut is a common situation also. Depending on the region you’re in, the wiring/lighting additions you’ll need, the company you hire, and the materials you choose to use, this could add up to a large investment. The cost can range from sensible prices to outrageously expensive prices all depending on the choices you make.Just think about what you would like to do to your kitchen and call some companies and ask them for an estimate.Is this the house you really want? If so, enjoy your house!Good Luck!!

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