sink love

I finally got a working sink in my kitchen.  I never knew how special that would be… just like that old song; “Don’t it always seem to go, you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.”  I was so overwhelmingly ecstatic I just had to post this on FaceBook – ( I don’t even like FB )

In order to get the sink in we first had to install a counter.  We decided to go with an 1 & 1/2 inch oak butcher block from Ikea.  Our counter length was one inch more than the 73″ one that they offer, so we had to buy the bigger one.  Let me tell you a few things about that:

1. The counter is huge, approximately 97″ x 27″.  It barely fit in my van.  It stretched from between the two front seats all the way to the rear door. So a car or a small SUV would never work for pick-up and delivery would cost more (199.00 shipping) than the counter itself.  Here’s its box in our dining room, it almost hits the ceiling:

2. It weighs a ton.  A ton. Which makes it incredibly difficult to maneuver in a small space, such as my 130 square foot kitchen. Here it extends into the hallway and sits on another cabinet awaiting the first cut. (the double-sink in the background was simply too big, out with it.)

3. It’s solid oak and hard as hell. Cutting the sink hole was painstakingly slow (at least with our jigsaw) and there was no room for error.

4. The catalog says it’s treated, but in reality you have to treat it with Behandla (bah-hand-la-la-la)  I am sure whatever it is ( latex based sealant of sorts? ), it must be sold at any local hardware store, but I bought mine at Ikea – because it was easy.

5. You must wait 24 hours for drying time between each coat and I think you need about 4 to 5 coats. I don’t know why I wrote directions on the can (?)- the graphic are perfectly clear……..bush 10-12 m-squared and for 24 hour keep it on the tip of your pointer finger.

6. Good news we have enough left over for some small cabinets that may someday flank our stove. (the stove we do not have yet)

So that’s where we are…..I have change my mind on the color for my accent wall….I was going with this vibrant red-orange (at the bottom of post), but all of a sudden I got this feeling I wanted  soft light colors inside the house.  So paint color is up in the air….just like my mind,  floating about without a clue of what I really want, but dead-fast in knowing I only want to paint once.

Is that even possible?



5 thoughts on “sink love

  1. A sink! More than a sink… a miracle! And light at the end of a tunnel. If there is a sink…there will be a kitchen! Who’s the one with nerves of steel to cut into that counter?

    Looks awesome… I think a light color on the walls would be nice… really set off the richness of the wood.

    p.s.—I’ve painted a room twice. (Even three times—in a particularly unhappy circumstance.) And? Painting once is WAY better!

    • The nerves of steel person would be my husband. It was brutal. I was watching like a hawk, at times we could not see the guide line and we both knew it might end up a disaster. The cost, all the effort, and time….Ikea is a 2 hour drive one way….it was nerve racking. But for once it went the right way and the sink fit perfectly the first try.

      We were both shocked.

  2. Wow nice job with the sink and cutting the counter! As for paint, I’d go with that red/orange over “soft light colors” any day but that’s just me. I like vibrant things. Except mint, I do love a certain minty light teal color.

    • Well we won’t be painting for some time. I think you’d like the outside color I have picked…. but again that’s down the road.

      I am open to suggestions. :)

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