Last year we downsized all the way down to living in my Mother’s house.  Oh what a trip.

We finally found and bought a smaller house, a 1923 bungalow, that is in need of repair, in every room.

So with this blog “project 1923” I hope to reach out to people, professionals or not, who have a knack for making things right (repairs & renovations) and creating rooms that come alive (function and design.)

We are in the very very beginning stages, (we don’t even have the keys yet ), so I would like to welcome each of you and your ideas with open arms.

I live for fabulous “before” and “after” shots.  Please help me revive this beauty with hard work and contemporary flare.


Shirley Trevor


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Good luck on the project. Renovating these old Lakewood homes is quite a rewarding process! Are you planning on living there after completing the work?

    Colin McHale, REALTOR
    Hall Ave. Resident

  2. Absolutely. We are even going to live there through most all of the renovation, except the floors. We are excited, and very pleased with the design of this house. It will fit us perfectly.
    Thank you for your well wishes.
    Take Care,

  3. Your project sounds and looks great. It’s good to see people taking such an interest in their homes. Keep improving and posting!

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