trash plus 3.99

I found these two cedar (?) planters curb-side waiting for their journey to a local landfill.  They even were filled with high grade planting soil….I could not resist.  They virtually jumped into my car.

One box was split, some wood glue and a clamp handled that issue in no time at all.  So far so good.

I already had these six foot hardwood stakes that I bought at the local discount store, one package only 3.99.  I bought two packs.

Prior to finding these planters curb-side, I was actually planning on buying the planters for my project.  What was I thinking?  ( Disclaimer: I live near an area where people throw away anything and everything – maybe that happens everywhere I don’t know)

After a brief lesson with this saw, a compound miter saw, I was on my way. My goal is/was to build a semi privacy wall of flowers for the south facing end of our front porch.  Currently, morning glories are started in the box and I will add some hanger greenery, plus fill in the base color.

I also might try hyacinth bean vine, which I first grew while living in Texas.  I brought the seeds up north and have been  growing it ever since.  Up here it blooms late August and September.  It is spectacular. (shown below)

Once the box is populated, and it’s as pretty as I am imagining, I’ll be sure post an update.

I am hoping it will not appear junkie or cluttered once the plants take over. If it does I will move it somewhere else.

Have a great day!  Cheers!


Front garden in process

I have to give what is there a chance to grow to see exactly what I have.  I hope to sculpt the bed soon and add plants and flowers, and reshape the old fashioned shurb roses after I see how the grow.  They were way overgrown and very weak.  Now is the time to bring them back to life.

So this is really the “before”, that provides me the canvas fro the real “after.”

more garden planning

Okay the weather just took an about face and my little seedlings had to make their way into the house. It is only 42 degrees and it’s very windy so it feels like a winter day.  Add to that the gloomy shade of grey that the heavens are sporting and all of a sudden I am thinking , “Why did I buy a house here?!”

But-really it’s beautiful here. We are only a stones throw for the 11th largest fresh water lake on the planet, Lake Erie.  I read somewhere “they” were just awarded a federal grant to make the lake even fresher. That’s a good thing.  The leaves are starting bud out on gigantic oak trees as old as 200 years that tower over many of the neighborhoods. We have seasons so we really have learned to appreciate the nice days.

Here’s the space I am working on now:

I am itching to garden and garden now… here is my latest plan for behind the garage. note: Will need to make a screen to hide view of neighbor’s “stuff.”

Below is a blurry photo of the palettes I picked up for free.  I found them on Craig’s list.  I got two for my vegetable garden and one I am going to make a new low dolly for my really heavy potted plants. ( sorry for the blur, it’s just too cold to retake atm.)

Anyway two of these palettes together will make the bed towards the top of my sketched plan (above) and for the bottom bed I am going with the half double decker raised bed pictured at the bottom the  post from the other day.

With any luck, this is what I hope the top palette beds will ends up looking like.  It will be twice as wide. Ten growing rows total.

This season the garden will be a testing ground, and I imagine the next year it will be larger and even more productive.  So that’s where I am…..still dreaming and moving forward.  I cant wait to get some sun, and those day-after sore muscles from working the soil.


I am hot…..on gardening

I suppose it is only natural to want to do the fun stuff first.  I mean when I garden it’s like a zen experience.  I just lose track of time, and my mind is clearly focused on each clump of soil, and every tender plant.  Believe it or not my seedlings are starting to sprout already….like in two days.  I am so excited to see these little babies wake up.

The other day I went to a community garden in Bay Village to look at the various set-ups that people used for the plots.

Here are the photos that each taught me something:

I decided I like the plots best where the wood had weathered to a soft grey.  I have sent the community garden organizers an email asking what type of wood that is and where to buy it.

This one I like because of the mulch around the outside of the frame.  I think it makes it look neat and it controls any weeds that may want to visit your produce.

Many people do a thing called gardening by the foot.   I am not planning on doing this , but I will give it more research.  In the photo below you can see that the gardener, sunk the strings, by making a 1/4 inch slice into the side of the frame.  Perhaps this protect it for getting snagged or chewed.

They connected the string to eye hole screw….If that is what those screws are called. (?)

I am definitely going to have at least one plot like this.  I am not sure at this point which pants need the deeper root system, but I ‘ll find out.  I am thinking blueberries…okay I am dreaming about blueberries in that deeper spot.  At worse case I can use it to mature larger shrubs and roses to eventually transplant into my front yard which is destine to be come a gardener’s delight……at least from my point of view.

So that is what I learned while waiting on my keys.   I was surprised to see all the various systems used to make the raised beds.  I hope this is helpful to someone out there.

I can’t wait to grow some of my our food.  It’s amazing how many of us remember eating vegetables that came out of a can, and all that time we had enough space to grow our very own fresh vegetables, for free!

Cheers! Make it a good day.

Veggie Garden – before

This are is fenced off area behind the garage.  It is separate from the rest of the back yard, the dog yard, so it make perfect sense to make is a vegetable garden.

It measures 14 x 18 feet.  Bigger than I imagined.  I may start with a smaller initial planting areas until I get more experience.  Last thing I want is an unruly garden with poor design…..I am saving that for the front yard, not the mini farmers market.  I am pondering doing three 8 foot by 4 foot raised beds.  That will get me started without having to plow the entire space.  I imagine I will learn a lot this first year, so I consider this a phase 1 renovation, not a final destination.

Here is the space:  Thinking of some sort of screen to block the view of my neighbors lawn furniture.  Any Suggestion are welcomed.  I have seen a lot of reclaimed wood projects and may do that for now.  It might actually hold up design-wise since this is an old school veggie garden. And we will be repainting the back of the garage.  We may also decide to add a door that would lean in to a garden work place.

behind the garage fenced veggie garden

I started some of my crops by seed.  I have radishes, tomatoes, two types of lettuce , spinach, basil, cilantro, oregano, and swiss chard.  I am following an article I saw in a magazine.  These are early crops.

Here the article I am trying to somewhat follow:

Good base garden

So we went to the house to take one more look at what we bought.

We had put an offer in on this house in February and we were outbid, but apparently that deal fell through. I hear its very common. This is the fourth house I personally have witness falling through in as many months.

Anyway I took a look at the grounds and I was pleasantly surprised that we have hostas, mature peonies, vintage roses, bleeding heart, and a few evergreen shrubs. I love to garden, and I have kind of a portable garden right now that is waiting to find it’s home. I saved my favorite rose from my last house and it survived the winter and is flourishing right now. I am jazzed. I will be starting seedlings today, and before long they will be in the ground in our yard.

My healthy Rainbow Sorbet rose

My tentative plan is that the entire front yard will be a garden of flowers and shrub and blossoming trees. Plus a turn around/patio because we are on a busy street. For my vegetable garden we have a fence off area behind the garage that will be perfect and it will keep the dogs out.

The house itself has way more work than I remembered, but I think that is always the the case when something actually is yours. I’ll touch base on that later. For now I am blissfully dreaming of playing in the dirt.