Short post

I just couldn’t help myself, after getting this idea in my head I had to execute right away.  It may not be earth shaking in originality, but to tell you the truth I don’t have to have everything the latest and greatest most original according to “their” standards.  ( again who ever “they” may be)  Ha!  Basically I do what I want, some good, some mediocre and some fails.

This story is in photos, because I don’t think I can make sense with words right now.  I was inspired and educated by Stacy at A Goode House.  Visit her site you will not be disappointed, I promise.

Anyway the other day I made a modest purchase at Goodwill.  A few pieces of Russell Wright Pottery. If you want a more in depth profile of the man , his ideas and his work visit this post: design-russell-wright . Be sure to watch the short video at the bottom, it’s beautiful.

So here is my photo post:

This little combination project from the very start to finish makes me happy.  Plus now every time I look at this, it will bring gratitude and joy into my life – and that is really awesome!  Cheers!


8 thoughts on “Short post

  1. Well, look at that beauty! Wow, Shirley…this looks incredible with all your little succulents. I love using our pitchers for flower vases and bowls for plants and decorative items. This has made my day! And thank you for the sweet “shout out”. I’m crazy excited that you found these! You have (from what I can tell) an American Modern vegetable bowl in coral and salt and pepper shakers in chartreuse. Does the bowl have little specs on it (it’s hard to see)? Honestly it’s gorgeous. What a lovely distraction from all you’ve been doing. Joy in your life, indeed! I LOVE IT!!!!!!
    (P.S. Those pictures belong in a magazine! With a title like “The perfect centerpiece for your outdoor party”) :-)

  2. I have those same salt and pepper shakers!! I got them at the Salvation Army on my street. Or at least something very similar.

    • That’s funny. I wonder if yours are originals or copies, because one shaker only has four holes. (?)

    • Anonymous makes a good observation.
      The picture Hattie provided is puzzling. It’s hard sometimes to capture the color of things in photos… but I’ve never seen this color in the original Russel Wright American Modern Stubenville Collection. Any that I’ve collected had 5 holes. ??? Puzzling… unless it’s a re-issue. Bauer pottery has re-issued the Russel Wright American Modern line and THEY DO have 4 holes in one, 5 in the other. But they don’t carry that color (at least as it looks in the picture.) Interesting.

      • I’ll take a better photo when I’m off work. That photo was shot at 3:30am in kitchen light but they’re a dark slate/green. I looked for any markings but there is nothing printed or etched on them. They’re probably copies. I only paid $1.

        • They’re really pretty. I was thinking… man, I wish R.Wright HAD made that color… I’d be on the hunt BIG TIME! Who cares if they’re copies. I think they’re super cool. Good find – even better price. :-)

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