drool tired

I just woke up and there was a river of drool seeping out the corner of my mouth.  Man I must have been tired…..h*ll I still am tired.

I got to thinking about our ambitious project only to realize what I imagined and what is reality are two different things.  For some odd reason I thought that everything would be finished and I would basically shop my own stuff, (my storage unit)  taking only what is beautiful or useful.  Casually having  a plan without doing any of the planning.  I had visions of placing these favored items in their own perfect spots that were all ready and waiting.

not my beautiful house

Reality is awesome because it can shake you up and spit you out without even trying.  And it’s always there for you anytime you want it. It’s very dependable.

So here is the reality: my one son decided he wanted to move in one day, and he spent that day moving nearly everything he owns into the house.  His room isn’t even painted yet.  Most his stuff is in the living room at the moment.

We don’t even  know which bed we are bringing over (queen or full) so we are still sleeping on the air mattress.  The mattress and box springs might have to be hoisted up outside the house to the second floor through the balcony.  ( we have a very tight turning stairway)

The dog chewed (my dogs’ blog) up my new furniture in the last years and I wanted those repaired before they entered my perfect home. ( they don’t chew furniture any longer, got to love puppy stage)  I don’t even  know how long my sofa is, and its in the back of the storage unit  sitting there damaged.

I had all this down time while waiting for the house to close.  All I did was day dream and seriously visualize about how perfect it would be.  These dreams are still in my head, I can see them.  I am just now  reaching the conclusion, that everyone else on the planet has known for years; there is no magic wand.

Reality is telling me to slow down, practice patience, strive for balance, even  actually eat and sleep more – maybe even read.  BTW: Here’s one of my favorite blogger’s (non-renovator) summer reading list

It’s been close to one thousand degrees lately and everything is dry and thirsty….my veggie garden is extremely sad.  I tried to start it from seed and apparently I didn’t conscientiously consider how shade and sun would effect my baby seedlings. (I will be buying plants to populate my garden any day now.)

So I guess this post is more of a rant then anything else.

I am such a newbie at this.  I am betting I hit every pitfall out there and I bet waking-up drooling won’t be so uncommon.  Ewe, I did just type that./or

I do love this project.   I actually love learning what renovations, actual renovation, really meas.  I totally enjoy reading all the bloggers out there that have and are going through similar issues -keep writing.

It’s all good.  Now that I know,  I’ll try to be better balanced and less insane. Cheers!


3 thoughts on “drool tired

  1. Hey tired girl with drool on her face! Reality sometimes sucks doesn’t it? It definitely stomps on our “dreams of the perfect home in record breaking time” HA! I think you should feel really great about all you’re doing and all you’ve accomplished. I’ve been blogging about everything BUT renovation because I’m so tired of doing it… so I can relate. We’re so slow. But you know you’re so right.. there must be time to read, and sleep (with or without drool) eat a meal, spend time with family and friends and just do your best. I find the balance thing to be almost impossible… but I’ve always sucked at that. It’s one extreme or the other with me. So good luck…. I have a feeling you’ll do really well!!
    I love seeing your progress and get excited about it … big or small. Sweet dreams and happy reading! I’m certainly rooting for you!

  2. It. Is. Overwhelming… But the weird thing? Is that once the project/chaos/hell is over? And you actually get to live in the space you’ve made? You kind of forget about how horrible it was.

    We too are having an insane heatwave. My chard and half the greens all went to seed… trying to re-start them in near 100-degree weather is not happening.

    As an aside, somehow your blog fell off my reader? Or something… The last post I’d seen was your basement. You’ve made a crazy amount of progress since then! Your floors look amazing!

  3. Yes ‘balance” is my goal….but for now it’s a holiday, and hot again but this time we have the added delight of humidity….yay! Cant wait to get our real bed over here, and live in it… on an air mattress STILL. Small luxuries are the best.

    Happy 4th to you both, and to all others. Cheers!

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